Southdown Road Culvert Replacement & Regenerative Storm Water Conveyance Project, CM&I Services

Project description

The culvert replacement and storm water conveyance project, located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, included a proposed culvert replacement plan prior to construction.

DFI was responsible for providing Construction Management & Inspection services, including project management and inspection of the installation of a concrete culvert under Southdown Road and the construction of a step pool storm water conveyance system to Beard Creek in Edgewater, Maryland. DFI performed a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) review of the proposed culvert replacement plan prior to the beginning of construction. This review included conforming the hydraulic design and detail for the sizing of the culvert to eliminate flooding of the roadway and scour of the receiving channel.

The culvert installation included the excavation and reconstruction of the roadway embankment, preparation of pipe bedding, paving of the roadway, protection of existing utilities, and sediment and erosion control. The step pool storm water conveyance construction included four (4) small channels (approximately 691 Linear Feet (LF) in total) conveying roadway drainage and construction of approximately 400 LF of mainstem channel construction.

The project consisted of clearing and grubbing, the eradication of invasive species, the maintenance of stream flow, channel or stream change excavation, the construction of cascade structures and riffle weirs that included compost, large woody debris, bank run gravel/sand/wood chips and cobbles. It also included the placement of 309 cubic yards of granite boulders.

This project was completed under contract with AACO with a grant from the State of Maryland.

Client Name
Anne Arundel County, Maryland Department of Public Works
completion date
Project Cost
$1.6 M
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