Engineering, Land Development & Permitting


Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) provides services in Engineering, Land Development and Permitting.

DFI has been providing engineering services to their public and private clients for over 40 years. The DFI team uses an "in-house team approach" to guide projects from start to finish, while combining state-of-the-art technical approaches with extensive practical experience to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. DFI is experienced in providing engineering, land development and permitting services for a variety of municipal and public projects, including roadway widening, realignment, upgrades, storm drainage and Storm Water Management (SWM) solutions.

DFI has experience in water and sewer design, including property easement plats. DFI's design team has prepared site development and grading plats for the development of parks, municipal parking lots and departments of public works facilities. Additional expertise includes public works consulting, planning, advising, plan reviews and permits. Our team can provide right-of-way acquisitions, infrastructure reviews and development of plans.

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  • Commercial Clients
  • County Agencies
  • Local Municipalities
  • Private Clients
  • Residential Clients
  • State Agencies

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Engineering, Land Development & Permitting


Steven Andraka, P.E.

Vice President of Design and Engineering

Steven Andraka, P.E., is the Vice President of Development Facilitators, Inc.'s (DFI) Design and Engineering Services and a DFI board member.

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