Pavement Maintenance Program

Project description

The Open-Ended Construction Management and Inspection (CM&I) contract included roadway, bridge construction and reconstruction, Storm Water Management (SWM), storm drainage, and paving maintenance and reconstruction projects within Washington County, Maryland.

DFI provided between four (4) and eight (8) full-time Senior Construction Inspectors, who functioned as full-time Construction Inspectors for projects that involve multiple major roads, road rating, and repair projects, roadway and storm drainage projects within Washington County since 2006 (including renewals). The contract involved open-ended, as-needed assignments of Senior Construction Inspectors/Construction Inspectors  to support and supplement Washington County staff.

Representative projects included roadway construction, road widening, road rating, resurfacing, micro-resurfacing, slurry seal, mill and overlay, signalization, intersection improvements, ADA sidewalk improvements and Safe Route to Schools Program projects, signage, pavement markings, and chip seal, which required public relations and coordination with property owners.

Specific projects include:

  • Beach Road.
  • Brown Road.
  • Eastern Boulevard.
  • Elliott Parkway.
  • Greensburg Road.
  • Harpers Ferry Road.
  • Hendershot Road.
  • High Germany Road.
  • Hixon Road.
  • Hoffmans Inn Road.
  • Hoffmaster Road.
  • Hopewell Road.
  • Jerome Road.
  • Leiters Mill Road.
  • Lincolnshire Road.
  • Long Hollow Road.
  • McFarland Road.
  • Millbrook Road.
  • Mountain Road.
  • Mount Briar Road.
  • Mount Trego Road.
  • Pearre Road.
  • Reed Road.
  • Resley Road.
  • Robinwood Drive and traffic circle (including the entrance to Hagerstown Community College and the Meritus Health Center).
  • Roberts Road.
  • Route 40 and Mount Etna.
  • San Mar Road.
  • Scenic Route 40.
  • Western Pike.
  • Whorton Road.
  • Woodmont Road.
  • Yale Drive.

Additional projects included:

  • Access management improvement to allow for safer ingress to and egress from the commercial and residential properties on the corridor.
  • Maugans Avenue Phase One (I) Project which consists of widening Maugans Avenue from one (1) lane in each direction to two (2) lanes in each direction and a continuous center left turn lane.
  • Sidewalk was constructed along the length of the project, which ends prior to Interstate-81.  
  • Traffic signals were installed at the I-81 ramps and at Valley Mall entrance.

All projects included field testing, grading and survey verification, in addition to full time project inspection supervision supplied by DFI.  

Client Name
Washington County, Maryland Department of Public Works
completion date
Project Cost
$3.5 M / Yearly
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