Project description

The Pinehurst Esplanade Sewer Replacement project, located in Frederick County, Maryland, included the removal and installation of esplanades and sewer pipes, among other work included in this project.

DFI provided Construction Management and Inspection (CM&I) services for this water and sewer replacement project for Frederick County, Maryland Department of Water and Sewer Utilities. Work under this contract included all labor, equipment and materials necessary to remove two (2) existing esplanades, the installation of 210 linear feet by average 20-foot width stone revetment and triple cell concrete culvert and the replacement of the existing 15-inch and 18-inch sewer pipe with 955 linear feet of 24-inch CR-900 DR 25 sewer pipe.

Additional work included new manholes, permanent access road and gate, temporary sewer pump around system, excavation, backfill and compaction, excavation dewatering, turbidity curtain, site restoration work, in-water work and restrictions, Erosion and Sediment Control (E&SC), cleaning and television inspection of the installed sanitary sewers, and all other work necessary for the complete installation in accordance with the drawings and specifications.

Client Name
Frederick County, Maryland Department of Water and Sewer Utilities
completion date
October 2019
Project Cost
$1.8 M
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