Project description

In a residential neighborhood in Lexington Park, St. Mary's County, Maryland, significant improvements to the roads, drainage, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility egress and environmental upgrades were welcomed by the community.

DFI provided Construction Management and Inspection (CM&I) services through the project team for the reconstruction of 244+ feet of Saratoga Drive, 920+ feet of Franklin Road, 1,075+ feet of Midway Drive, 431+ feet of Ranger Road, 546+ feet of Enterprise Road and 734+ feet of Hancock Road and 1,533+ feet of North Essex Drive through a residential community. The project included the following major items:

  • Installation of five (5)-foot-wide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sidewalks at various locations.
  • Installation of two (2) Storm Water Management (SWM) facilities, including plantings.
  • Installation of road signage and pavement markings.
  • Re-construction of two (2) lane urban roadways, including removal and replacement of concrete curb and gutter and roadway pavement (hot mix asphalt and gravel/aggregate base).
  • Removal and replacement of four (4)-foot-wide concrete sidewalk.
  • Removal and replacement of concrete driveway aprons, and installation of new concrete driveway aprons.
  • Removal and replacement of storm drain structures and pipes and installation of new storm drain structures and pipes.
  • Removal, replacement and resetting of various types offences as needed to accommodate the construction work.
  • Utility adjustments and relocations as required to complete the above.

DFI utilized Procore, a cloud-based document control platform, which provided real time access to stakeholders and transparency of services.

Client Name
St. Mary's County, Maryland Department of Public Works
completion date
Project Cost
$3.7 M
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