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DFI, as part of a Joint Venture, provided Engineering services for the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) District Five (5).

Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI), as part of a Joint Venture, provided Engineering services including final engineering design, hydrologic and hydraulic design for project assignments in connection with the MDOT SHA District Five (5). The DFI Joint Venture provided complete design services quality field survey services and based upon our firm’s resources and expertise of our qualified staff in accordance with the SHA’s guidelines, policies, procedures and schedules.  Sample assignments included:  

  • MD-Two (2) 2 at MD-214 White topping, Edgewater, Anne Arundel County, Maryland (Intersection of West Central Avenue (MD-214) and Solomons Island Road (MD-Two ((2)). Resurfaced and restriped the northern (Southbound) leg of Solomons Island Road.
  • MD-Two (2) at MD-Four (4) Traffic Barrier Study, Sunderland, Calvert County, Maryland (near the intersection of Solomons Island Road North (MD-Two (2)) and Southern Maryland Boulevard (MD-Four ((4)).  Inspected guardrails near the intersection of MD-Two (2) and MD-Four (4), as well as checked the locations and numbers for power poles along the roadway.
  • MD-262 at Chew Creek, Sunderland, Calvert County, Maryland (along Lower Marlboro Road (MD-262)) at the bridge overtop Chew Creek).  Re-designed the traffic barrier for the bridge, particularly the barrier end treatment to better warn oncoming traffic of the barrier.
  • MD-Four (4) Traffic at Wildewood Parkway, California, St. Mary’s County, Maryland (near the intersection of St. Andrews Church Road MD-Four (4) Traffic and Wildewood Parkway). Provided preliminary computations and narrative for the Storm Water Management (SWM)f the road widening of MD-Four (4). Explored various SWM practices and placement for the project.
  • MD-231 at Skipjack Road, Prince Frederick, Calvert County, Maryland (near the intersection of Hallowing Point Road (MD 231) and Skipjack Road). Preliminary design of the road, SWM, storm drain, and grading for the widening of MD-231 to add auxiliary lanes. Explored several road layouts to minimize impacts to both residential land environmental features which included extensive research and interpretation of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Highway Design Manual and the SHA Book of Standards.
  • MD-242 at MD-234, Clements, St. Mary’s County, Maryland (Intersection of Budds Creek Road (MD-234) and Colton Point Road (MD-242). Preliminary and final design of storm water management and storm drain layout for a proposed roundabout. Completed the SWM, structure and pipe layout for the project including all necessary computations such as-flow tabulations, Environmental Site Design (ESD) computations and a Point of Interest (POI) analysis.
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Maryland State Highway Administration (MD SHA)
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