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The Ballenger-McKinney Wastewater Treatment Plant project, located in Frederick County, Maryland, included the replacement of an existing 16-inch stainless steel backpulse header pipe.

DFI provided Construction Management and Inspection (CM&I) services for this project. Work under this contract included all labor, equipment and materials necessary to replace the existing 16-inch diameter stainless steel backpulse header pipe with PVC pipe and all other work necessary for the complete installation in accordance with the drawings and specifications. The backpulse header pipe is located in the lower level of the Membrane/UV Facility of the plant. The backpulse header is located approximately 11 feet above the finished floor and includes areas with space restrictions due to existing systems that must remain in service during construction. Added scope included replacement of the existing bilco doors.

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Frederick County, Maryland Department of Public Works
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