Project description

The Animal Control Building project was initiated to reduce humidity and increase ventilation of the isolation, kennel and surgical suites of the facility.

DFI provided Construction Management and Inspection (CM&I) services for this facility and systems upgrade project, located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, which included:

  • Duct cleaning of the entire facility.
  • Extension supply and return/exhaust ductwork from existing.
  • RAHUs duct connections to new PDHUs over the rooftop.
  • In-house Subject Matter Expertise combined with engineering and facility maintenance input was instrumental in completion of the successful project.
  • Installation of new recirculation air fans in kennel areas for floor liquid evaporation.
  • Installation of two (2) custom Packaged Air Handling Units ((PDHUs), approximately 10,000 CFM each at grade. Each PDHU has an energy recovery wheel, preheating hot water coil, heat pipe wrap-around coils, chilled water coil, direct expansion coils, hot gas reheat coil, reheat hot water coil and compressors/condensers.
  • Replacement of steel diffusers and grills serving kennels with aluminum diffusers and grills.
  • Two (2) custom package 10,000 CFM dehumidifier PDHU’s were designed and installed to address unsatisfactory conditions.

DFI participated in several brainstorm meetings during the project's system shake-out to optimize functionality.

Client Name
Anne Arundel County, Maryland Department of Public Works
completion date
Project Cost
$1.2 M
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