Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

DFI employs an extremely knowledgeable staff with extensive experience with residential subdivision and land development. DFI has specialized for years planning, engineering and permitting large scale residential subdivisions. Our firm is experienced with planned unit developments, single family townhome duplex and apartment projects. DFI prides itself on designing developments that incorporate the natural environmental features of sites into the design of the communities allowing residents to enjoy features such as forest conservation areas, wetland preservation areas, streams, etc. DFI’s design experience with major subdivisions includes development layout, infrastructure design, environmental remediation plans, recreational amenity planning and landscape architecture design.

Featured Projects

Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) was responsible for the surveying and subdivision design of a multi-family residential development project involving 130 townhouses and 79 single family homes adjacent to MD Route 3 at the intersection of Reidell Road with Waugh Chapel Road, Crofton, Anne Arundel County. The project scope involved all of the requirements associated with the Anne Arundel County site development design project including providing boundary and topographic surveys, coordination with various governmental agencies including Anne Arundel County, Maryland State Highway Administration, Corp of Engineers, Maryland Department of the Environment, Soil Conservation District and related State and County jurisdictions. Project scope included public hearings/community meetings, detailed boundary and topographic surveys of the entire site area including 32+ acres. Project scope also included delineation of wetlands and coordination with Corp of Engineers and Department of Natural Resources concerning permitting. A minor arterial county roadway of approximately 25,000 linear feet in length (4 lanes) with urban closed section curb gutter and sidewalk was required. Project scope also included coordination, design/redesign of a major county/state highway administration intersection including revision of signalization, signing and pavement markings.

Project scope also included design of recreational facilities including playground areas, walkways/access areas and a sidewalk access to a future Anne Arundel County Elementary site.

The total project scope is similar to the requirements of an Anne Arundel County open-end site development project design since all of the areas that could be required with a project design would be of a larger scope than anticipated with the maximum $100,000.00 project limitations of an open-ended design project.