Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.

Featured Projects

  • Curtain wall window removal and replacement
  • Curtain wall glass windows
  • ADA snow-melt ramp
  • New rear/handicap entrance
  • Wainscoting near rear entrance of building
  • Tile ramp which joins two buildings
  • New fire alarm system
  • bank vault demolition

DFI provided a full-time inspector in Washington County for the systemic renovation of the County Administration Building (CAB). Responsibilities included the inspection of ductwork, HVAC, electricity, foundation, concrete, and structural work. Asbestos and lead abatement were also inspected. Other duties conducted by DFI included helping with project meetings and documentations, public relations, schedule review/coordination, change-order review, and providing oversight of testing materials from pre-final design through the completed project.

DFI also inspected the installment of new glass windows to the side of the County Administration Building. The DFI inspector was responsible for monitoring the installment to ensure safety and proper installation. These windows allow for maximum natural light to enter the building. In turn, this will reduce energy costs to the County Administration Building.

An addition of a handicap entrance was also managed by DFI. A specialized snow-melt system ramp was constructed and installed. This type of handicap ramp ensures that ice does not build up during winter seasons.

The County Administration Building originally had three separate fire alarm systems. DFI has replaced the patchwork of the three fire alarms and combined them into one single system. This new system will enhance safety by alerting the entire building during code warnings and can even notify the local fire station.

Phase II has started and includes the demolition of an existing bank vault in an area where the new County meeting room will be.