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A ½ mile widening of JW Williams Road and a traffic circle were constructed for the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) in Prince Frederick, Calvert County. DFI provided pavement and concrete inspection, as well as office engineer and record keeping responsibilities. This project required coordination with the CSM campus because JW Williams Road is the main entrance to the school. 

As part of inspection, DFI verified compliance with the approved Maintenance of Traffic plan during construction. To do this, traffic was re-routed and switch-overs were managed while adhering to SHA MOT. All of this required coordination with the CSM campus and the near by elementary school in order to safely allow school buses and other commuters to enter the school area. Scheduling had to be done between DFI and CSM so that noise levels were lessened during exam days.

Technical requirements included: MOT, HMA, concrete construction, installation of multiple bio-retention facilities, construction of an Earth reinforced retaining-wall, and water main & sewer extensions.

In future phases of this project, an extension off the traffic circle will eventually connect JW Williams Road with Dares Beach Road and the intersection at Rt. 2 and Rt. 4.