Development Facilitators, Inc.

Development Facilitators, Inc.


We are currently seeking to fill these positions: Data Entry Tech, CADD Tech, Survey Tech, Utility Inspector, Highway Inspector, Building Inspector, Utility Professional Engineer, and Transportation Professional Engineer. Please visit "EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES" at top of page for more information and send your resume to


DFI is looking for a part-time administrative assistant for the design area. Responsibilities will include preparing letters, forms for submittals, running prints and getting packages prepared, filling and tracking of job status, red lining of plans for as-builts. The applicant must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel with neat handwriting. The person needs to be well organized, willing to learn, and motivated. The position will also include some errands, ie county drop offs or pickups, having a car and valid driver’s license is a must.

If interested, please email  




DFI offers a wide variety of Environmental Services for our clients in both the public and private sectors.  These services can be utilized at any stage of a project from conceptual discussions through design, construction and ending with the warranty checkout. DFI has the technically trained and skilled staff to assist with any project. The regulations relating to the environmental issues can be complicated and confusing to those that don't deal with them in a daily basis. DFI is well versed in the these regulations and ready to provide the right solution.