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Development Facilitators, Inc.

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Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) is looking to fill a Computer-Aided Design and Drafting/Designer (CADD), civil engineering, a project manager/designer, one rodman position, as well as several utility inspector openings. Please visit "EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES" at the top of the page for more information and send your resume to




Featured Projects

  • Old Showers
  • New Showers
  • New Showers
  • Fire Alarm Replacement

DFI did the construction management and inspection for the Jennifer Road Detention Center, which is Anne Arundel County’s maximum security detention facility. DFI has completed the implementation of a new fire alarm system. The installment of new showers and cell doors is expected to be completed in September 2015.

DFI works closely with the Detention Center in order to coordinate inmate relocation, security by maintaining continuous control of tools, equipment, and materials, and coordination of noise activities with facility operations. The Jennifer Road Detention Center received a 25 Year Service Award from Anne Arundel County.

Shower Renovations Phase 3

  • Selective demolition
  • Surface preparation
  • Installment of new stainless steel shower pans, walls, and ceiling panels
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures
  • Floor drains, light fixtures, exhaust fan, exhaust grill

Cell Doors Renovation

  • Removal of existing cell doors
  • Replacement of 14 cell door devices
  • Mechanical release and key switch
  • Repainting of existing grille doors and 4 new corridor operators

Fire Alarm Replacement

  • 16 phase replacement
  • Maintain operational system during demolition and construction
  • Program panels, coordinated Fire Marshall testing and inspection