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Development Facilitators, Inc.

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Development Facilitators, Inc. (DFI) is looking to fill a Computer-Aided Design and Drafting/Designer (CADD), civil engineering, a project manager/designer, one rodman position, as well as several utility inspector openings. Please visit "EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES" at the top of the page for more information and send your resume to




Featured Projects

DFI delivered services to Anne Arundel County by providing construction management and inspection on the arterial routes of MD 214 and MD 468. This project consisted of adding a continuous westbound lane to MD 214, a left turn lane to southbound MD 468, and a dedicated right turn lane from eastbound MD 214 onto southbound MD 468. Also added were two left turn lanes from northbound MD 468 onto westbound MD 214 and a right turn lane onto eastbound MD 214.

The job also involved the relocation of underground and overheard BG&E and Verizon utilities, extensive E&S controls, the construction of a 260 linear foot "Elastizell" slope and a reforestation component of placement, and care and replacement of 700 trees of various species.